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Agriculture start-ups is an emerging area, which can unleash umpteen opportunities for start-ups and strengthen the supply chain in India agriculture.

Agriculture is the science and art of growing plants and livestock. Agriculture was the key development in the development of the sedentary human civilization, where the breeding of domesticated species created food surpluses which allowed people to live in cities. The history of agriculture started thousands of years ago.

The soil is replaced by a water solution rich in macronutrients such as nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, calcium nitrate and micronutrients such as manganese, zinc, etc. A “ cropping system ” controls nutritional balance, humidity and temperature, uses less water than the soil based on agriculture and increases yield without chemicals or pesticides.

Hydroponic Indoor farming

There are challenges…

From innate agriculture to the soil, there are certainly challenges related to hydroponics. Problems related to the use of hydroponics in India include droughts and unpredictable weather conditions, rising temperatures, polluted water systems, lack of irrigation, poor water management and high transport costs from India.
Hydroponics Farming

…but there are also opportunities…

There is a viable market due to population growth which is ready to buy hydroponically grown food in India. This customer market includes retail and hospitality, fast food chains, rail catering, foreign catering companies, NGOs and defense establishments. The following elements further demonstrate that hydroponics is a lucrative opportunity to deploy in India:

  • India has rich climatic conditions which position it favorably for hydroponic products on the market
  • Wage costs are favorable with intelligent human capital
  • Due to India’s large population, abundant growth market already exists
  • There is extensive knowledge of crop cycles, food safety, and pest management, as well as hydroponic methodologies

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