Growing food without the aid of soil. Yes that’s right, no Soil!! The goal of hydroponics is to remove as many obstacles as possible between plant roots and water, oxygen and nutrients. It’s a proven technology world wide

Soil is replaced by a water solution that is rich in macronutrients like nitrogen, potassium, phosphorous, calcium nitrate and micronutrients like manganese, zinc etc. A ‘grow system’ controls the balance of nutrition, humidity and temperature, uses less water than soil-based farming and increases yield without chemicals or pesticides.

Currently hydroponic cultivation is gaining popularity all over the world because of efficient resources management and quality food production. Soil based agriculture is now facing various challenges such as urbanization, natural disaster, climate change, indiscriminate use of chemicals and pesticides which is depleting the land fertility.

About Us

Nava Kisan is a group of professionals joined together to logotextcontribute something to the society after pursued their interest in various fields during their early professional lives.

Ultimately they realized Agriculture and Home farming is something passionate to all of them and from there, NavaKisan a new concept of Agriculture got evolved

The ambition of the team is to reach a wide section of society, particularly in urban and city areas to help them in cultivating their own vegetables in much healthy and pesticides free environment by protecting the family and society.

Why Nava Kisan Agri Farms?

Nava Kisan Agri Farms is a “Gateway to Healthy Life

Nava Kisan Agri Farms has taken the journey in a challenging way in turning the people to use healthy fresh high organic vegetables produced on their terrace and make commercial value of their unused idle terrace space, otherwise.

We are not just selling the technology and product but designing a concept where in the customer creates value out of idle space and make good returns compared to any other financial avenues for their investment.


Divine Planters

Collection of very rare plants together in a branded pot with the plants of divine in nature...

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Home kits are specially designed hydropoinic planters, customized to the needs...

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Roof Top

Creating a weather control environment in an area of 850-900 sft with a standard...

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Poly House

More or less the project deliverables remain same in case of open land project...

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